Nad Neslo is an independent musician and recording
artist who has been writing and recording for 20

He released his first CD,
Back From Gone in June of
2007.  The music quickly became popular on college
and non-commercial radio stations.

Before long it aired on over 50 radio stations across
the United States and Canada, as well as Australia,
Belgium, London and Germany.

Neslo continues to write and record and is
excited about his latest release,
Nostalgia Blue.
Nad Neslo
Nad Neslo started out playing drums after a friend sold him an
old Ludwig kit.  He found the drums infectious and honed his
skills through regular jam sessions with other musician friends.  
Always intrigued with recording, he often taped the jam sessions
using an old Akai two track recorder.

As situations changed (people getting married, moving away,
etc.), Nad Neslo decided that he wanted to learn an instrument
that would allow him to write and record his own songs.  It was
about this time that his wife surprised him with a Yamaha
keyboard.  He learned his way around, but admittedly, never
progressed beyond that of a “convincing doodler.”  (By the way,
that doodling can be heard on his recordings such as the tasty
piano fills on his song The Distance.)  Not finding fulfillment with
the keyboard, Nad Neslo decided what he really wanted to play
was guitar.  After buying a used Fender Strat and a Marshall
amp, there was no looking back.  Daily practice paid off and he
soon found his own sound and style.

Since then Nad Neslo has added several acoustic and electric
guitars, two vintage vacuum tube amplifiers, a bass guitar and
various effects devices to his musical toy chest.  He’s gone from
recording with the old Akai tape recorder to a 4-track cassette and
now uses a Roland VS digital multi-track.  He finds all aspects
completely rewarding; the song writing, playing the various
instruments, as well as the challenge of getting good sound
quality on his recordings.